Recovers iPhone from a lake one year later

Recovers iPhone from a lake one year later

According to Taiwan News, a tourist was able to recover his iPhone 11 Pro Max after dropping it on Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake after a year.

The site claims that “the worst drought in over 50 years has been a boon for one lucky tourist who was able to recover a fully functional iPhone that he accidentally dropped into Sun Moon Lake almost exactly one year ago.”

Chen, a tourist, posted on a Facebook group that he was able to recover his iPhone after the area of the lake where he dropped it receded.

Unlike other reports that the iPhone was submerged in a frozen lake for over a month, the iPhone was in a plastic waterproof phone pouch before Chen set out on the paddleboard. According to Taiwan News, when the tourist misplaced his phone, a friend told him, “rest assured, you’ll see your iPhone again in a year.”

“On April 2, Chen returned to Sun Moon Lake to find out what state his phone was in. Locals told him the location where his phone was found had not seen the water fully recede in 50 to 60 years.”

When the tourist returned home, he removed the phone from the soiled pouch and discovered that the iPhone was completely intact. After being charged, he discovered that everything was in working order.

Chen wrote, “I can only say that the waterproof case for the phone is really great! There is no water in it!” He then added, “I’m so happy to have recovered my phone after having lost it for so long.”

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max has IP68 water and dust resistance certification, which means it should last for about 30 minutes in water up to two meters deep. In this case, the plastic waterproof bag kept the iPhone safe in the lake for over a year.

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