Adobe says that its low-cost iPad app package should be available globally soon

Adobe says that its low-cost iPad app package should be available globally soon

Adobe launched its new Design Mobile Bundle subscription service for iPad creators in the US last week – and it’s now confirmed that the low-cost bundle will be available globally “soon.”

If you missed the original announcement, the new $14.99 per month (or $149.99 per year) bundle includes access to Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco, and Adobe Spark mobile apps, as well as 100GB of storage. You will also have access to Adobe Fonts and Portfolio, which will allow you to create a custom website for your creations.

It appears to be a good deal for iPad owners who don’t need access to the full desktop versions of those apps, so we asked Adobe if the Design Mobile Bundle will be available outside of the United States.

Adobe informed us: “Without a doubt. The Adobe Design Mobile Bundle was initially available in the United States, but it will soon be available in the United Kingdom, Europe, APAC [Asia-Pacific], and Japan.”

We don’t yet have pricing or an exact release date for the bundle in other territories, but it’s good news for non-US residents who liked the look of the bundle when it launched last week.

Adobe’s iPad apps aren’t as feature-rich as their desktop counterparts, but Photoshop has received a couple of significant updates since its initial release, and we were impressed with the recent release of Adobe Illustrator for iPad.

If you only use one of the four apps included in the Adobe Design Mobile Bundle, it still makes sense to subscribe to it separately – the iPad versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, for example, have monthly subscription costs of $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$16.49.

However, Adobe’s new bundle makes sense if you want to switch between Fresco, Illustrator, and Spark on your iPad without having to pay for a full Creative Cloud All Apps subscription. The Design Mobile Bundle is also less expensive than purchasing a single Adobe app, such as Illustrator, on both desktop and iPad.

However, it is not without strong competition on the iPad. In our best photo editing apps guide, Affinity Photo is currently ranked higher than Photoshop for iPad, while Fresco alternatives like Procreate are available for one-time fees rather than subscriptions.

Still, Adobe promises that its apps will soon gain more desktop-like capabilities, with an official blog post recently stating that Photoshop for iPad will soon be able to load extra brushes. Fresco will also include animation support, allowing you to bring drawings to life with an oil paint-like aesthetic.
There’s no word yet on an Adobe Design Mobile Bundle for Android tablets, or an iPad equivalent of Adobe’s ‘Photography’ subscription (which bundles Photoshop and Lightroom), but iPad owners with a design bent should keep an eye out for Adobe’s Design Mobile Bundle outside the US.

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