Safari 15 by Apple is released, but you can disable the new major changes

Safari 15 by Apple is released, but you can disable the new major changes

Safari 15 for macOS Big Sur and Catalina, Apple has launched. The upgrade, which was announced as part of macOS Monterey, was released on the same day as iOS and iPadOS 15, bringing the new appearance and features of the web browser to all of Apple’s platforms.

Go to System Preferences > Software Update to get the updated Safari 15, which should automatically refresh and appear. You shouldn’t have to reset your computer after updating Safari, unlike macOS upgrades.

This version of Safari’s evolution has been fascinating. Although the entire OS update, which includes features like Universal Control and Quick Notes, isn’t yet available, Apple chose to offer the new Safari anyway. For those who have upgraded to iOS 15, this is a wonderful thing because it means you can use tab groups across all of your devices right away. Improved tracking protection and automatic switching to HTTPS for sites that allow it are also included in the upgrade.

The Safari update not only adds new capabilities, but it also changes the look of the app. Apple has tweaked it multiple times since it was released, making it less starkly basic. It still looks a lot different than Safari 14, but there are some settings you can modify to undo some of the more distracting changes. Go to Safari’s settings > Tabs and uncheck “Show color in tab bar” if you don’t want websites to be able to change the color of your tab bar. Switch from Compact to Separate mode if you want your tabs to be on their own row.

While Safari 15 takes some getting used to (I’m still working my way through it), Tab Groups is a fantastic feature that I can use on both my iPhone and computer. Safari 15 also includes a slew of security upgrades, none of which appear to be particularly serious. After you’ve updated, let us know what you think of the new design – is it a breath of fresh air or simply another upgrade you’ll reluctantly accept?

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