Essential apps for iPad everyone should try

Essential apps for iPad everyone should try

Congratulations: you just got an iPad! Now check out these Essential apps for iPad. You must be excited thinking about just how many amazing applications you can download from the ginormous App Store. However, sometimes, excessive options spoil the broth and dross cover gems. Amongst a plethora of average apps, the best ones often get overshadowed. To help you get started, here is a few essential application you should have on your Pad right off the bat.

Essential apps for iPad


Documents and Microsoft Word go hand in hand. It is the default word processing system of the entire world and you can never go wrong with having the Word app on your iPad for any writing and editing needs.



With a Dropbox application which you can sign into with your own account, you get 2GB of free storage which is invaluable. Dropbox also makes it easy to upload and transfer files across devices particularly between your iPad and your computer.



While Apple does have its own map, Google Maps is still the best navigation tool for GPS and tracking. A simple but incredibly useful app can help prevent you from getting lost and even judge the state of traffic on a preferred route.



A good weather application to let you know of any hazards or weather changes you should be aware of. It is necessary for any responsible adult who has to travel for either work or education. It will also tell you the temperature and weather conditions later in the day so you can dress and plan accordingly.



Any device with a camera needs a decent photo editor and Snapseed does a more than better job at being one. It is equipped with tools that are easy to grasp. For a beginner that gives a great degree of customization and personalization to make the application truly a person’s own.



No sane person would not feel tempted to simply binge a TV series or watch a movie on the wide, shiny, and incredibly convenient screen of an iPad. Having an app such as Netflix or Hulu can keep you updated on all of your necessary entertainment doses.



You never know when you might feel the need to pop in some earphones and relax to some music. That is why the Pandora app can be a handy one to have on your iPad for your musical and relaxation needs.

These apps, which are free for the most part, can equip your iPad with all the essentials. Along with many others, you deem necessary for a gratifying experience with your new digital partner.

Our Essential apps for iPad for this time.

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