The best iPad apps of 2017

The best iPad apps of 2017

Is this the best iPad apps of 2017? Any tablet or phone is defined more by the applications it allows its owner to use as compared to its utter functionality. A phone with great functions but zero apps has nothing to offer a user. When it comes to the iPad, the App Store for the device is not only marvelous but also amongst the best in the world. With over half a million iPad-dedicated apps having been made and put forth for us to use. Following are just a handful of the amazing applications that might be considered as The best iPad apps of 2017.

The best iPad apps of 2017


Snapseed is an advanced photo editor for all the beginners out there who do not really know how to edit photos professionally but want to have a try at it anyway. The user selects a photo from his or her album and uses the various tools provided by Snapseed to create their own masterpiece. They can choose from existing filters, vignettes, textures, etc. after they have cropped and adjusted the photo and can even customize filters and save them for later use.



Have you ever been frustrated at the fact that you can copy and drag only one thing at a time? Well, your problem is solved with this new little app called ‘Dropped’. This app acts like a little shelf, letting you place and drop all sorts of different files, documents, and data in it as you figure out what you want to do with them later.



Procreate is the ultimate app for anyone with an artistic bone. An unending collection of brushes, quick access tools, dazzling effects, curves, and masking define what it is like to create with Procreate. While it is perfect for professional illustrators, anyone can use it to simply experiment and experience what its like to draw with well designed and diverse tools on an iPad.



Famed for their drawing ease and utility, the Tayasui applications are ideal for any artist. Artist wanting to jot down quick drawings and sketches with a set of useful and diverse tools. For anyone else who wouldn’t mind trying their hand at virtual illustrations. The MemoPad is the newer version of Tayasui sketches, adding a few new tools and updates.



If you are looking to make some music as a serious professional using your iPad, then Audiobus 3 is the app for you. Audiobus is a platform that lets you send and mix audio and data. Send to multiple applications and combine them to create a final product. You can even open and access synths on the application.

That was our list of The best iPad apps of 2017.

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