Will the Apple iPhone 12 mini be reasonable priced?

Will the Apple iPhone 12 mini be reasonable priced?

In the coming weeks, Apple is poised to announce its new iPhones for 2020, and a range of reports point to the series carrying an iPhone 12 mini with itself before its launch. As per the latest news, the smallest will be called the iPhone 12 mini in the iPhone 12 series, and this one may be the fourth phone in the line-up.

For an already popular smartphone, the iPhone mini could learn a few tricks from the iPad mini and Mac mini and feature a more portable form factor. Tipster L0vetodream, who indicated the existence of the iPhone 12 mini earlier this week, disclosed the news. He talked of four new iPhone models, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, in a tweet posted by him.

The iPhone 12 mini would be available in a 5.4-inch size as per the reports, while the iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro would be larger at 6.1-inch and even larger with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There are also rumors that when it comes to design, the iPhone 12 mini could be inspired by the iPhone SE 2020. The iPhone 12 Mini will be available at a much cheaper cost than other iPhones, according to other sources, since it will retail for about $700.

In addition to this, other sources have said in the past that the iPhone 12 would not include support for super-fast 120Hz refresh rate displays. If the company adds 120Hz panels on the iPhone 12, the explanation here seems to be the battery life, which Apple believes could take a hit on the handset.

Besides this, the iPhone 12 phone series is all but confirmed to house the new A14 Bionic chipsets from Apple under the hood. In the coming weeks, more should be known about the phones, as we near the launch date of the iPhone 12 phones.

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