ApplePay Service Integration authorization to Coinmama

ApplePay Service Integration authorization to Coinmama

According to an announcement shared with local news website Finance Magnates, an Israeli-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinmama, has become the first crypto exchange approved to integrate with ApplePay.

ApplePay has been previously incorporated by other crypto exchanges, as its application programming interface ( API) is available to any developer. But Coinmama is the first crypto exchange Apple officially approved.

 In a statement shared with Finance Magnate, Coinmama’s CEO, Sagi Bashi said that:

 “According to [the ApplePay] team, we are the first crypto company who actually gets their blessing with the integration”

The announcement comes just days after Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, accused Apple of stifling crypto-innovation. Armstrong said Apple advised them that the ability of Coinbase to earn money using cryptocurrency and the ability to access decentralized financial apps (DeFi apps or Dapps) could not be included.

First reported by Global Crypto here

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