Marina Bay Sands Apple store opens in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Apple store opens in Singapore

We all know that Apple houses some of the world’s best retail stores. The business was one of the pioneers of tech goods dedicated retail stores and it still builds stores that offer exclusive retail experiences for customers. We have recently seen the firm open its first all-glass Apple Store in Bangkok. Now iPhone makers have developed their first “floating” Singapore Apple Store.

Situated in Singapore’s Marina Bay district, the Apple Marina Bay Sands store sits on the bay ‘s waters, and it looks like the whole store is floating. Termed “the most ambitious retail project by Apple,” this Apple Store is basically a first-of-its-kind, all-glass dome that can sustain itself. This entire dome comprises 114 pieces of glass bound by only 10 narrow vertical bars to one another. According to Apple the store will have “a fresh and exciting shopping experience at one of Singapore’s most famous locations.” 

The company now has three Apple stores in Singapore, with the launch of the Apple Marina Bay Sands. However, this looks completely special out of the three, as it is influenced by a dome within the Pantheon, the Roman Temple.

Now, as the store is made entirely of glass, it has a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the Singapore skyline and the surrounding waters. There are trees inside the store (because Apple, climate, duh!) and large wooden tables featuring customized Apple devices and accessories.

Customers can explore the store for customized suggestions or technological assistance, and connect with the Apple “Geniuses.” There is also “The Web” which has a “Screen Wall” for “Today at Apple” sessions with the famous artists, singers and influencers from Singapore.

The magic happens for the entrepreneurs and developers who pursue training and guidance, however. They will meet Apple store team members inside the company’s first “Boardroom” underwater, situated in the store’s lower floor. Thus apart from the members of the Apple team and the visitors, the Marina Bay marine life will also attend the board meetings!

The company recently opened this exclusive Apple shop, and by reserving an appointment, you can visit it. This is to restrict the number of customers needed to prevent the pandemic from increasing. 

So, that was the sands of Apple Marina Harbor. You can check out the store’s official press release here.

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